Title 24 & ADA Compliance

Are you Title 24 or ADA compliant? If you have an older building chances are you’re not compliant. I’m sure you’ve heard of horror stories about businesses that were not compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act and the result of being non-compliant was devastating. At Imperial Construction we can alleviate the stress of Title 24 and ADA upgrades and make sure you’re up to code in no-time.

Founded in 2008, we at Imperial Construction have provided affordable Title 24 and ADA compliant upgrades to a number of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, schools and veterinarian clinics. We can install or build everything to ensure your property is accommodating. From ramps, truncated domes and parking stalls to entryways, point of sale counters and restrooms.

If you need help and want to avoid the consequences of harsh penalties for not being Title 24 or ADA compliant, contact us today.